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2017 Official Selections

Breakfast: (9min 44 sec) When a young man suffering from anorexia is pressured to eat breakfast by his boyfriend, the couple are thrust into an otherworld where their anxieties and frustrations are made horrifyingly real.

Masc Only: (15 mins 5 sec) Gay best friends, Tommy and Wesley, unwittingly venture to an intimidating party hosted by the gay elite. Basically it's just 'Mean Girls' except everyone is gay and 40.

My First Drag Show: (5 mins) My First Drag Show' captures the experiences of first time drag performers as they take the stage at Florida State University's Amateur Drag Show.

Dickeaters: (16 mins 37 sec) A twist on classic vampire flicks, Dickeaters is a wild mix of horror, comedy, and drag, starring four of Philadelphia's most talented drag queens.

The Ties That Bind: (65 mins 58 sec) When the youngest sibling unexpectedly “gets real”, an uneasy journey of transformation ensues for a Southern family. Each family member grapples with both the news itself, and how their aging mother might respond to it. Diverse, longstanding beliefs and generational differences surface as they seek a new normal, exposing the shadow landscape of the culture wars at play. A courageous study of the fragility and fortitude of family ties.

Screenplay Finalists

The Top 25 Feature Screenplay Finalists are: 
Dear Tom Hardy: I Love You
The Lavander Marriage
My Father's Worst Nightmare
Guardian of Chance
Hold Me Tight
Country People 
I Love You Kristi Miller
Ten Dollar House
Deeper and Deeper
Secondhand Heart
Anh Sang
The Dancing Bear
Something in Common
All's Fair
World's Sexiest Man
Flyover Country
Sky Blue
The Rule
Help unWanted

The top 8 Short Screenplay Finalists are:
Heather Has Four Moms
Delusions of a Fame Whore
Magic H8 Ball
Brother Wanted
The Pardon

Lulu:  (18 mins) Lulu is a modern day fable exploring gender & sexual identity in a thoroughly unique way. To inhabit Lulu's world is to enter the Alice in wonderland rabbit hole and discover that nothing is as it seems.

Sleepwalker: (5 mins) Lily must defeat the demons that lurk in her nightmares if she is to save herself and the woman she loves.

Sis: (10 mins 29 sec) Two estranged sisters, religious Fran and transgender Steph, reconcile their differences during the course of one night where honesty is the only policy.

Doll: (20 mins) A timid janitor explores an alternate persona with a secret nightly routine.

Christine: (10 mins 3 sec) With the help of her best friend, Christine redefines her perception of strength and what it means to be herself.

Billy’s Blowjobs: (17 mins) A man seeks the numbing comfort of anonymous sex, until a chance encounter which may change his outlook on life. Starring Wilson Cruz

Dawn: (22 mins)  A young man returns from war after the death of his father to discover more has changed than he anticipated. Raised in a conservative, faith-based home, David is thrown through unexpected turbulence when he discovers his younger brother, James, is gay. Over the course of a single night, David must challenge everything he has been conditioned to believe or risk losing his remaining family in the process.

The Cricket and the Ant: (15 mins 8 sec) Right before graduation, 18-year old student Lena is interested in only one thing: French. However, she doesnʼt actually care for the language itself, her enthusiasm really lies in her teacher Katharina. The two disparate women bond through a secret love, which is brought to an end when Katharina chooses to go back to her old ways. Heartbroken, Lena has to face reality by asking herself where she wants to go in life and if thereʼs another way than the one of “The Cricket and the Ant”.

Open: (90 mins) Starring Rebekah Kochan, David Pevsner, Bruce L. Hart, Jason Stuart, Drew Droege, Brian Nolan, Leon Acord and Peter Szeliga. On the eve of their 10 year anniversary a gay couple starts wondering if monogamy is working. Inspired by another couple who are happy with their successful open relationship the monogamous couple draft a set of rules for their newly forged open relationship and then proceed to experiment with mostly calamitous, sometimes poignant and often hilarious results. Guest stars: Ron Jeremy, Razor Rizzotti, Will C, Reggie Currelley

History: Episode 1: Void (30 mins 39 sec) Episode 1 of History. Jamie (Jack Tracy) jumps right out of a five year relationship into the arms of Joshua (Scott Mandel). Long time friends Bianca (Bianca Lyn) and Catherine (Carissa Fales) grow concerned.

A Bone To Pick: (10 mins 51 sec) A day in the life of a lesbian dog walker in Los Angeles.

In a Heartbeat: (4 mins 5 sec) A closeted boy runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it pops out of his chest to chase down the boy of his dreams.

Agnes and Estelle: (11 mins 5 sec) a comedy series on the exploits of Agnes & Estelle and their takes on life, liberty and the pursuit of everything.

Politically Correct: (5 mins 56 sec) A group of television writers try so hard to be politically correct that it impedes their writing process. Politically Correct takes aim at stereotypes and hegemonic norms present in film and television writing

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